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En-Door is proud to be one of the pioneer manufacturers of PVC Additives in China since 1987. We supply heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, processing aids, and lubricants which are essential for the production of various PVC products.

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Tailored Solution

We offer a wide range of personal solutions fit for your PVC extrusion, injection, calendaring, and blowing.Base on our 30 years polymer expertise, you can achieve more on productivity.
We provide “One-stop service, Total solution” to customers. The Solutions including resin, compound,machineries,moulds and production technology for PVC products and CPVC piping systems.
As an upstream company, we offer cost-effective additives and solutions to customers worldwide. Meanwhile, material purchase and storage solution as a favor, is always welcomed by our strategic partners.

Product Application

Films and Sheets

En-Door Additives have been applied for variety of PVC films and sheets. From stabilizers to lubricants, you can get one-stop solution here.

Wires and Cables

En-Door provide widest range of additives for PVC wire and cable applications, you can find exact additives for your wire and cable production here.

Windows and Doors

En-Door PVC additives have good chemicals resistance, weathering resistance, high Vicat softening temperature and flame retardancy, and can be widely used in variety of PVC profiles.

Pipes and Fittings

En-Door's stabilizer and impact modifier series provide outstanding performance for extrusion and Injection molding.

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