Not just a PVC additive producer, but also a solution provider.

En-Door is proud to be one of the pioneer manufacturers of PVC Additives in China since 1987. We supply heat stabilizers, impact modifiers, processing aids, and lubricants which are essential for the production of various PVC products.

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We are always working to address customer’s future needs. In fact, it is about you, what do you need, and what do you want to achieve. We believe the only way to grow is by developing sustainable, innovative solutions that benefit our customers.

Stable and Cost-Efficient

We have DCS automatic-control production line with annual capacity of 80,000tons. With over 20 years’ experience in exporting, our products have won good reputation in global market with excellent quality, competitive price and best after-sale service.

Quality and innovation

Quality and Innovation have always been at the core of En-Door’s business. The company focuses on a vision of growth through technological innovation, distinguishing itself by constantly optimizing product performance through formulation refinement.

A sustainable partner

Backed up by our commitment to product care, customer satisfactory, we believe that supplying the right PVC additives goes beyond just selling products. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.


Back to 1987, we are a state-owned factory with Methyl Tin R & D project as our core business, and now we have become one of the largest manufacturers in China with widest range of PVC additives for plastic industry. Below are the highlights of our road until today.

1987.11——Foundation of Chemical General Factory Nanxing Hubei.

Technical cooperation with Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry for Methyl Tin.

1996.12——Achievement of 2000 tons/year capacity.

Certification of Non-toxic(Methyl Tin Mercaptide) for pharmaceutical and food package by GB9685-94.

1998.8——Obtained ISO9001 certificate.

Nominated for superior technical company by Hubei Science & Technology Dept.

2002.2——Achievement of 5000 tons/year capacity of Methyl Tin Mercaptide.

Started to export, established favorable relationship with overseas companies.

2003.9——Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certificate.

Designated as the credit Grade “A” corporation by the bank of China.

2004.8——Purchased the Plastic Auxiliary Factory Hangzhou Zhejiang Province.

2004.12——Foundation of Hubei Nanxing Polymer Additives Co., Ltd. with five factories, two research centers and Yichang Huaqi trading Co.,Ltd.

2009.3——Foundation of our Hong Kong branch Prominent Future Development Limited.

2010.10——Renamed the company as En-Door Polymer Additives Co.Ltd

2013.2——Established CPVC Demonstration center in Shanghai