Product Name
Methyl Tin Mercaptide ED-218

PVC Heat Stabilizer

Technical Specification

Item Parameter
Appearance  clear liquid
Tin content(%) ≥19.00
Sulphur content(%) 11.00-12.00
Color scale (Pt-Co #) ≤50
Density (20℃,g/cm3) 1.17-1.19
Viscosity (25℃,pa.s) 0.020-0.080


General Information
ED-218 methyl tin mercaptide is the best PVC heat stabilizer that provides the highest heat stability, excellent early-coloring property, best transparency, weather ability, less dosage (15-20% less than Butyl tin and Octyl tin), non-toxic and friendly environmental harmonization.

ED-218 methyl tin mercaptide has been used extensively in PVC processing of calendering, extrusion, injection and blowing. It can be mainly used to process PVC transparent sheets, profiles, films, pipes, fittings, food and medicine packaging materials.

Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W. 225Kg in iron or plastic drum. Kept in a dry ventilated place and avoid sunlight. The expiration period is one year. It is non-flammable and non-explosive. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.