Product Name
One-pack Lead Compound Stabilizer ED-LS01P

PVC Heat Stabilizer

Technical Specification

Item Parameter
Appearance White or yellowish flakes
Metal content 19% min
Volatility (%) ≤2.0


General Information

  1. This product has excellent heat stability, mainly used in Pipe, Pinch Plate extruding process;
  2. This product has particular intermiscibility with the resin and filling agent, you can add more filling agent, to achieve even economic cost;
  3. This product has good lubricating & toughening ability, expedite the melt& fusion process, endue the processing with excellent fluidity, and end product very glabrous surface;
  4. ED-LS01 Series produced by even advanced production engineering, the end product are flakes, its non dust pollution and can considerably reduce lead poisoning.

Mainly used in rigid PVC pipes, with excellent stability and lubricating property.
Recommend dosage: 2.0-3.5 phr

Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W. 25Kg in plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag. Kept in a dry ventilated place, avoid heat and naked fire. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.