Product Name
CPE ED-1630

Chlorinated Polyethylene rubber

Technical Specification

Item Parameter
Chlorine content (%) 35±1
Shore hardness shore (A) ≤60
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥8.0
Elongation at Break (%) ≥800
Mooney viscosity  (ML 1+4 125°C) 75~80
Volatile Content (%) ≤0.4


General Information
ED-1630 is an elastomer Chlorinated Polyethylene resin used in rubber industry. It has good weatherability, high temperature and low temperature resistance and flame retardancy. It is white powder and good in color stability and aging resistance, which facilitates production of colorful and endurable rubber products.

It is widely used in rubber such as cables and wires. Such as cable sheath of air conditioners, elevators and welding machines, etc.

Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W.25KG, double-layer packed, first packed in airproof plastic bag, then in woven bags. Stored in a dry ventilated place and avoid light and rain. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.