PVC Processing Aid

Acrylic processing aids can steer the melt process of PVC and ensure the formation of a homogenous melt.
Grade Description Physical Form Application Equivalence
ED-401A Acrylic processing aid for transparent products Powder Transparent PVC sheet, profile, film and so on K-120(Dow), PA-20(Kaneka)
ED-401B Acrylic processing aid for general purpose Powder Universal for PVC window and door profiles, pipes and pipe fittings K-125(Dow),PA-30(Kaneka)
ED-401C Acrylic processing aid for foam products Powder PVC Profile, foam sheet, foam pipe and WPC 466(Dow), PA-930(LG)
ED-401D Lubricating acrylic processing aid Powder Often used together with other processing aids to enhance the plasticity of PVC resin. Widely applied in  PVC pipes and fittings, profile, sheet and so on K-175(Dow), PA-101(Kaneka)
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