Product Name
Reverse ester Tin Heat Stabilizer ED-1318

PVC Heat Stabilizer

Technical Specification

Item Parameter
Appearance Light yellow oil liquid
Color scale (Pt-Co #) ≤80
Density (20°C,g/cm3) 1.07-1.09
Viscosity (25°C,pa.s) 0.012-0.020


General Information
ED-1318 has excellent high-temperature color stability, long-term dynamic stability and best cost performance . The product is high efficient and environment-friendly without any heavy metal. It can be used to produce PVC pipe with big caliber owing to the good heat stability. Without fouling, the time of cleaning equipment is shortened. The wide rang of processing is especially suitable for double-screw extrusion.

ED-1318 is used in various kinds of pipes, such as PVC-M highly impact pipes, drinking water or drainage pipes,double-wall corrugated pipes, etc. It is also good for rigid sealed strips.

Package, Storage & Transportation
N.W. 225Kg in iron or plastic drum. Kept in a dry ventilated place and avoid sunlight. The expiration period is one year. It is non-flammable and non-explosive. Handle and transport in accordance with general regulations.