The Belt and Road Initiative, well known all over the world, aims to build trade and infrastructure networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa along the ancient Silk Road trade routes to seek common development and prosperity. This initiative proposed by the President Xi Jingping originally in 2013 is becoming a reality and  has started bearing rich fruits. Under this initiative, En-Door has carried out the strategy of “1 USD=1 Production Line” to promote CPVC compounds in Belt and Road participating countries and embody the spirit of peace and cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit.

After we had proposed the strategy of “ 1USD= I Production Line” on the website, there have been too many and messages from our customers who are interested to cooperate with En-Door by this offer and to benefit from this offer. For this reason, David, manager of En-Door’s Trading Department, would like to share his opinions and details of this strategy with you.

-Who will be the partner of En-Door?

-For those potential customers who have a strong desire and ability to set up a CPVC pipes & fittings factory in cooperation with En-Door, we will implement the policy of “1 USD=1 Production Line.”

how to cooperate with En-Door?

-we will provide the first production line for one dollar under condition that a long-term supply contract of CPVC compound is signed by both parties. The type of production line will be determined by customer. When the production line is provided at almost no cost, the customer shall fully prepay, as a deposit, the cost of the production line. En-Door will refund the paid production line deposit to the customer.

what’s the obligations of En-Door?

-(1) En-Door shall give away the customer with qualified CPVC production line(s).

(2)En-Door shall provide the customer with free training in China to ensure the customer can produce qualified products at the site.

(3) During the cooperation period, En-Door will be responsible for the necessary technical support and technological updating for the customer.

(4) En-Door shall supply qualified CPVC compounds to the customer for their pipes and fittings production.

(5) En-Door shall provide the customer with CPVC global information and promote Party B at the trade shows and business information platforms.

(6) En-Door shall provide the customer with possible help for sales of its products, such as sales strategies and customer recommendations.

(7) En-Door shall provide the customer with extended service for the CPVC project.

(8) En-Door shall refund the paid production line deposit to the customer in one of the following ways:

  1. En-Door shall refund 115% of production line deposit to the customer in one lump sum payment upon the expiration of the cooperation;

During the cooperation period, each time the customer shall only pay XX% of the total purchase amount to En-Door for CPVC compounds, the remaining XX% shall be taken as part of refund of deposit for the customer. When 100% of the production line deposit has been refunded to the customer, the customer shall make full payment for future orders of our compound.-what are the obligations of the customer?

(1) The customer shall fully prepay En-Door the deposit equal to the production line costs within XX days of signing the contract.

(2). The customer shall purchase CPVC compounds from En-Door for manufacturing pipes and fittings.

(3) The customer shall provide the necessary accommodations and security assurance for the personnel from En-Door when they work in the customer’s area.

  1. Round-trip air tickets, accommodations, salary will be borne by the customer for the personnel from En-Door for the installation of production line.
  2. Round-trip air tickets, accommodations will be borne by the customer for the personnel from En-Door for the regular specified maintenance of production line.

(4). The customer shall provide internet access to the office to workshop of CPVC pipes & fittings, in order to efficiently share production data for remote assistance.

Driven by the Belt and Road Initiative, and based on our strategy of “1 USD = 1 production line”, En-Door’s aim is to win mutual benefits with our partners, and look forward to a brighter future together in the background of the CPVC development.